Unique Roles of Finance Lawyers

Posted by admin on January 31, 2013 under Finance Law | Be the First to Comment

Money can be your friend, or your worst enemy, and if you are ambivalent about its effect on you, getting a finance lawyer could be ideal in planning your financial situation especially in particular situations. A financial lawyer is not your money babysitter. His role is purely for legal purposes, making certain actions official or finding ways to go over the system and make it less crazy than you have though before.

Finance lawyers have unique roles. They have critical roles in addressing finances in divorce settlements, disputing debts, handling inheritance and disputes, provisions for pensions, and even tax investigations. Any solicitor who gives financial advice, however, should be authorized by the UK’s Financial Services Authority. The FSA ensures that the lawyers follow the current regulations when it comes to finance law. Normally, you would go to a company to seek legal services. Hand in hand with that company is the finance lawyer who will personally give advice in your situation, be it completing a will, or getting help with probate issues.

The role of a finance lawyer also goes beyond support; they can also help you in litigation when you want to sue someone or if you are being sued by another person or entity on finance based- issue. Maybe you are being charged for not paying your debt but you have the records to prove them wrong, or maybe you have been unfairly treated by the bank. In these cases, the finance lawyer is indispensable. The finance laws of UK can be very complicated and trying to defend you can be perceived as a suicidal act. Getting a professional to handle complicated cases that deal with money will certainly be a smart strategy. At the end of the day, you want to ensure that you protect your interests.