The Importance of Motivation for the Legal Profession

Posted by Frank on January 26, 2014 under Studying & Practicing Law | Be the First to Comment

The importance of right motivation really has to be emphasized, especially for the lawyers. When they are motivated right, they will be happier and healthier which ultimately lead to better work results.

In a recent survey, conducted by LawCare, only 29% of the respondents said that they have never been through any emotion or addiction-related damage. Furthermore, the figures show that lawyers are 22% more likely to leave their jobs than people in other industries.

It is worth noting that lawyers have some of the longest working hours and this is encouraged by some law firms. Even though this might seem as a good way to improve productivity, pressure really gets to lawyers and influences their motivation and resilience. They will not be able to manage situations that require more drive, focus and resolution than usual

When an employee is not motivated, he does not have the power to meet effectively challenges in the working environment. In other words, the more effective you feel, the better placed you are to continue to deliver in difficult circumstances. Many lawyers do not feel that they are achieving their full potential and the trend shows that they take more days sick leave than working people in other professional sectors.

Therefore, it is managers’ task to help improve the effectiveness of lawyers in a constructive way. They need to have systems about how to reach in different situations. When stressful situations arise, there must be means in place to deal with them. However, we need to keep in mind that challenges do not necessarily always mean a bad thing. Actually there develop resilience and we do not grow without them. Therefore, managers need to motivate lawyers with past stories of success which was achieved against the odds. Also, the focus needs to be on the positive things, on what is working, rather than on what is not. A sense of pride and trust has to be built in employees in order to feel that their work is appreciated. Furthermore, there are certain common goals that motivate the whole team to come to work. Managers need to identify those things and make sure that objectives and strengths are aligned together. However, managers should not exclude employees from the formulation of the team goals. Actually if they feel emotionally involved, they will be more motivated to reach these goals. Otherwise, giving goals from above will lead to unnecessary pressure, worry and less likelihood for those goals to be met.

Thus, for a law firm to succeed, motivation and resilience have to be in place.